Supporting children
for their future

Through activities to improve the environment surrounding children,
the West Group seeks to pass the baton to a bright and hopeful future.

Provided help in elementary school reconstruction in Cambodia

For the purpose of contributing to the improvement of learning environment for students who will build the future for Cambodia, we reconstructed Chanback elementary school and introduced and installed solar power generation systems.

Child Future Support Corps (NPO)

We host free study meetings with meals in Misasa and Oshiba school districts in Hiroshima-shi for elementary and junior high school students who must eat meals alone at home or have no one to talk to about their studies. The children have a place to enjoy spending the time after school.

CoCoLo Project for environmental
value creation using J-Credit

Putting a spotlight on environmental values that might otherwise be buried can create credits under the J-Credit scheme, and these credits can be used for various donation activities. This is a project for promoting regional revitalization by creating regional (personal) ties through environmental values with stories based on aspirations (“kokoro” is a Japanese word that means heart, mind, etc.) for a decarbonized society.

What is J-Credit?

Under the J-Credit Scheme, the Japanese government certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) reduced through the introduction of energy-saving devices, use of renewable energy, appropriate forest management for absorption of CO2 by forest trees, etc., as credit.

A Guide for Foreign Investors

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